About Us


About Us

Ghena International Group Holding Limited is competent to compete in the Oil and Gas and the commercial sectors.

What's more impressive is the fact that our organization comprises a team of highly skilled professionals, along with clearly defined work strategies.

What makes us stand out is our dedicated allocation of financial and technological resources. Ghena International Group Holding Limited today is a consolidated and flexible organization with real possibilities to carry out projects of varying magnitude in the oil and gas construction realm.

Our Ethics and Values

At Ghena International Group Holding Limited, we always provide due priority to our fantastic group of team members. We also pay due attention to the proper upholding of the fundamental values which help us to excel in what we do. It is our ethics and values, which puts us at the forefront of leading gas and construction companies. Our relationship with customers and stakeholders are always based on trust, respect and value creation.

At Ghena International Group Holding Limited, it has always been a quality-first approach. This is the reason that we have been able to stay consistent with the values and agreements which we assume. We also possess the ability to stay committed to the construction of plants and other engineering services in the gas and construction industry. We also deploy project management strategies to serve our customers.

Our Core Values


We are always of the view that without commitment, you cannot beat your competitors at their own game. We also believe that commitment is necessary to serve clients with a quality-first approach. Our commitment to quality and exuberance makes us unique.


Our multi-disciplined solutions are a game changer in the oil and gas construction industry domain. All our solutions are integral to the success of the company as a whole. And as we take an integral approach, we are always favored by our clients.

Team Spirit

In this competitive era, you cannot accomplish much without having an effective team spirit. Our dedicated team works behind the scenes and on the grounds to provide you with highly customized and feasible engineering solutions.


Professionalism is something which comes naturally to us! Our company is a familiar name in the field of oil and has construction. We always maintain a professional approach to deal with our clients and stakeholders.


Without accountability, an organization in the oil and gas construction industry cannot thrive for long. We are well-aware of this notion and this is the reason you would always find us accountable for our actions.