Our main emphasis has always been to construct high-quality marine facilities for our clients. From the construction of export jetty to the construction of artificial islands, we have always facilitated top-notch services to our clients.

We also install subsea pipelines to provide organizations with highly advanced solutions. In response to the rapid increase in marine construction, we at Ghena International Group Holding Limited decided to carry on with a dedicated marine division. Our marine division is also equipped with top-grade excavators, water jetting components, etc.

Areas of our Expertise

We have our own design engineering team which supervises the major marine construction projects. Here is the list of our areas of expertise.

  • Construction of ports and harbours
  • Supervision of jetties
  • Construction of jetties and terminals for marine operations
  • Execution of the fabrication of pontoons
  • Building artificial islands
  • Dredging and reclamation work

We can undertake different projects with the help of our dedicated marine division. Our onshore and offshore professionals are a class apart in facilitating highly customized services.